"You can sleep when you're dead" or "Not sleep and then die" you decide!

I am that college student today. I went to sleep at 5:45am exactly two nights in a row. How did I manage this you ask? I'm not a quiter is my answer. I am a freak of nature. I can handle strangers coming up to me the next day asking if I'm okay because I look like I'm about to cry. My eyes are red and barely open. My hair is five shades darker than usual, and in what I like to call the up-do clean palate-like bun we see on America's Next Top Model. My fleece jacket has become my second skin, usually with trident gum wrappers in every pocket. I can't remember what water tastes like because I'm hooked to a medical IV of diet pepsi. Unfortunately, I get it free at the union market. And I speak in half sentences because full sentences are farrr too arduous. This usually provides a needed dose of pity.

I can always sense when days like this are coming....we all do. We allow ourselves to freak out when it's getting late on Sunday and write at least one facebook update about being stressed out. Eventually we accept that we are due for that all nighter, and then prepare with a trip to 7eleven. This particular two-day sequence began with the mental decision to stay up and actually MISS mardi gras for a J202 outline... so I could hate life and stare at my yellow legal pad with five to do lists and gross numbers of exclamation marks. Sure enough, by the time I'm done cleaning my room, taking a shower, rearranging the living room and feeling finally mentally prepared for beginning the actual work - everyone comes home from their parties. Always with fun stories and usually a tag-along cute boy...who acts as the friendly reminder that I really missed out. Do I care? Strangely no. I enjoy being the struggling roomate that sits home waiting to hear the fun I missed. It allows me to feel like grandma. Aside from the complete lack of sleep, the non celebration of mardi gras and the abusive comments from strangers, I at least cleaned my room, played the mom role of the household for once, and actually finished my outline. What'd you know, productivity from more angles than you would guess. This is why I like being a seven, I am disgustingly and unecessarily positive in the most impossible and trying of situations.

Kelly  – (March 2, 2009 at 1:57 AM)  

I love this. I'm so proud of your for doing so well in info, you are amazing!

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