Books I'm really liking right now.

And this is what I mean when I say I love books, but never finish them. You can attest to that with this list.

(Me Talk Pretty One Day) David Sedaris is actually brilliant, and actually hilarious.

(Outliers) I have never sat down with a book so intently before in my life. Outliers is about success. Full of cool case studies and fascinating tid bits. I loved reading about why the Beatles and Bill Gates are as raw as they are. Same author who wrote Tipping Point and Blink. Gladwell is the man.

(Freakenomics) Reminds me a lot of Malcolm Gladwell books. Sat on the floor of the DuckStore for an hour reading the first half the other day. Very cool insight. Cocktail party chat facts for years with this book.

"Fun Home" is a graphic/comic memoir I read in my literature class this week. Its inspiring me to want to write something of my own. I stopped paying attention in lecture one day and filled like four pages with profound snapshots of my life that I could depict in my book. And there are MANY glorious, dysfunctional family moments I'd love to share and know would go over quite well in a book such as this. I love the idea of graphic memoirs. Non-linear, images of everything, thought bubbles, scattered thoughts, visual epiphanies. Relatable and inspiring.

(Time Paradox) Let me just steal a line right off the cover - "Reclaim yesterday, enjoy today and master tomorrow" And I said hell yes, please someone make sense of Time to me, because it stresses me out. And now i feel better about life, and think I should officially be a psychologist because of it. (psychology is actually the hardest word to spell)

(The Song Is You) I read the back of it in the bookstore and snatched it so quick. Reason why is this line: "each song that shuffles through triggers a memory, songs for all occassions...his life's soundtrack -and life itself -start to play again."

(Reading Like a Writer) This I only read random pages of, but it intrigues me ever time I glance at it on my bedside table. I'm actually secretly passionate about becoming a better writer. If only if only!

(I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell) This guy, Tucker Max, is the duschebag of all duschebags (there's the second hardest word to spell next to pyschology. see cant do it). I HATE him, but I love him for writing this. Pure gold.

(College Cookbook)This cookbook is full of simple yet genius ideas. However, I will not be making beer bread any time soon.

(Kite Runner) Havn't finished this either, but I'm in love. There's something about eloquently written international life stories that just GETS me every time. I can't wait to find time to read more.

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