Reasons why I'm in a good mood:

1. Fleet foxes playing in my ear
2. Sunny day, warm clothes
3. My sasquatch tickets sitting in front of me
4. Eric Hutchinson lyrics
5. Roadtrip tomorrow
6. I went to bed early last night
7. Woke up early this morning and laid in bed for a luxurious 45 minutes while the sun poured through my room
8. Clean clothes that smell like mmm
9. My shuffle (equivalent of my beating heart)
10. My face doesn't look tired
11. I don't feel like I need a shower
12. Copenhagen trip is set in stone
13. Kings of Leon to look forward to
14. Several important papers finished
15. Good talk with old friend last night. Told me I was a sexy ass. I believed it.
16. So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow night!!!!!!
17. Finale of American Idol is happening i think tonight?
18. i don't care that my room needs cleaning or that my nails are still bitten too short...this usually pisses me off, today, no
19. I love my daddy.

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