Things you should really take note of:

1. Eric Hutchinson - entire album called "Sounds Like This"

2. Matt Simons - "I have said enough"

3. New Dave Matthews - "Funny the Way It Is" plus DMB Live Trax

4. - (Credit entirely given to Lady Robbins)

5. Yellow Legal Pad post-its.....shameless plug for my two favorite office supplies, combined at last.

6. V8 juice - peach and mango- full serving of vegetables and fruit in one. plus tastes like a dream.

7. Lilacs - the dreamiest of the dreamy

8. Low cal gatorade - at last!

9. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!!!! - starts MAY 21st!!!!!!

10. "Taken" - Best movie I have seen in YEARS. Mind-blowingly good. LIAM NEESON is a my new Indiana Jones status Hero.

11. Garth Brooks - who fucking knew? - I'm so late on this. Like decades...

12. Gmail - the best email service of all -I yesss I think I have tried them all.

13. Not my blackberry pearl - I'm still ready to chuck it into the willamette

14. The new amazing drapey shirts at American Apparel - sex in a shirt

15. Kris Allen from American Idol - cause Im a loser and he's a winner

16. Drop Top Beer - tastey for once

17. Buying an entire block of sharp cheddar cheese for all very needed purposes - very cost effective

18. Taking math classes Pass/No Pass during springterm. Genius move on my behalf

19. Being nice to your bose speakers - they are not invincible - I am blowing them out day by day - it is heartbreaking

20. Wearing a giant turquoise ring that people think is by some miracle real - $3 forev 21 baby

21. Owning a shuffle - lightweight - mysterious playlists - free engraving with my phone number on back - perfect for working out - creates my ability to have a life soundtrack

22. Blow Pops - why did I ever stop buying them


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